Recently launched OGAAN LAMINATES’ new folder is received well among dealers. With increasing demand the dealers are bullish across the country, wherever the product is having its presence. OGAAN LAMINATES is working with wide network of 53 distributors across the country with major penetration in UP, Rajasthan, Bangalore, Chennai, Assam and other North East regions. The brand is trending to achieve their targeted sales of 1 lakh sheets per month. Distributors say that they have given something different from others and the inclusion of digital laminates in the same folder of Ogaan Laminates’ The Decopedia is making the difference and helping them boost their sales and grow their network as well.

“We are offering different textures/finishes in OGAAN LAMINATES in 0.8mm. New folder was launched just before Corona pandemic started in the country and during lockdown we were having ready stock of two lakh sheets. It became blessing in disguise after lockdown for us as we started supplies from our ready stock and received overwhelming response that filled the void created due to lockdown. We received repeat orders just after lockdown that supported us to re-start production with comfortable mindset and today we have come to the position of before lockdown period production and sales,” said Mr Gaurav Salhotra, CEO, Ogaan Laminates.

“We are getting repeat orders as the response is very good and I think after a month or two we are expecting to see boom in demand. We are very hopeful for the growth in demand and I don’t think that there will be a bigger impact of Corona pandemic on us,” added Mr Gaurav Salhotra.

The digital laminate in 0.8 mm thickness is of high quality designs and can cater premium segment also with economical price range.

The company is focusing on aggressive sales and supply maintaining ample stock and adopting collaborative approach for logistic services with the group companies. “We are efficiently sending even small quantity of orders to far distance very quickly. Recently we have started a depot in Ghaziabad which will help us efficient customers service. After its successful operation we will open more depots in different regions. We do not want to lose market share so we have adopted aggressive selling. We will be launching folder for 1mm by the end of this year under the banner of OGAAN,” he added.

The newly launched folder contains nearly 250 colours and textures. The digital laminate in 0.8 mm thickness is of high quality designs and can cater premium segment also with economical price range. The shades are selected from premium grade like ‘Dry Veneer’ and ‘Horizontal’ that can cater premium segment of customers with economic price range. OGAAN LAMINATES has installed digital printing machine for its paper production and introduced 12 designs in its digital range. They also offer customization for bulk requirement from the customers.

The Ply Reporter talked to numerous dealers/ distributors across the country and tried to find the actual scenario of the market and the impact of the new folder of 0.8mm Ogaan Laminates.

Dealers/distributors’opinion on the speciality of Ogaan Laminates’ folder, textures, shades and thickness. Why its sales are increasing rapidly?

  • “The innovation in the folder with combination of digital laminates is unique, newly conceited and totally different from others in the country. The laminates are pure phenolic and soft which gives comfort in rolling and does not crack. Shades are superior matching to the premium range collection. In other words we can say it is SARVAGUN SAMPANNA laminate. Its sales are increasing because the product as well as the company policy and the services offered by them along with the distributors are incredible. With all these advantages customers are very happy and much attracted towards this collection.”

  • “It is the quality and thickness of the laminates and the policy of the company that makes difference in increasing the sales of Ogaan Laminates 0.8mm range. They also have included digital laminates in the same folder of The Decopedia. The customers do not get diverted and easily select their choice of laminates because the colours and shades along with textures are high grade range. With strong network and good service the customers’ confidence towards this collection of The Decopedia has increased many folds.”

  • “The laminates’ quality and shades are good and its sales are also increasing day by day. The sales are ably supported with excellent service to the customers from the distributors as well as the company. Our coordination with the company is perfect and there is no communication gap. Their quick responses enable us to offer good service to the customers. The shades variation is not there in Ogaan laminates so, even in discontinuity the same shades and colours are made available to the customers, so the customers’ interests are intact with it and we are able to get sales improvement with every passing day. In the newly launched folder the inclusion of digital laminates is first time innovation in the industry that also supported the sales increase with cost effective pricing and quality products with perfect thickness.”


  • ” The recently launched folder of 0.8mm after lockdown is excellent. It has lot of high gloss textures with premium quality papers. The customers like its new collection. Its material is flexible that avoid cracking. So, with all features the folder collection is exclusive and quickly attracts customer attention that’s why they do not resist buying it. Our sales have pushed to double without any cost. In fact the quality is so good and flexible that we did not have to go for complain for the product. If there is any damage in the procurement of this laminates they assure to have better possible solutions. For increasing sales they are all supportive to us with promotional gift items that also lead to increasing its sales in the region.”


  • “The laminate sales depend on folders also. As Ogaan Laminates newly launched folder of 0.8mm is good, thickness is perfect and colour and textures collection is matching the premium quality so the customers get attracted towards it. In rural area people sales it on price of 0.92 also this is the reason its sales have increased. We do not need to convince our customers for its sales. The services to the customers are good as we are spread in Chennai and Vijayawada also so we are well efficient in customers’ service.”


  • “In 0.8mm segment such an innovative catalogue we did not find with any other brands. Other plus point with Ogaan Laminates is inclusion of digital laminate in 0.8mm which was earlier found in 1mm only. This is new innovation to present the combination with digital laminates. The quality is so good in Ogaan that we did not received any complained in last four years dealing with them. In Ogaan Laminates’ third folder, which was launched recently, the veneer shades and premium high gloss is making the difference. Its high gloss laminates are scratch resistance and comes with full thickness. The claim made by the company is true and they are always supportive. The orders are delivered to us within a week time even to the far distance at Chennai also. We did not have faced any problem working with them.”


  • “Its paper selection, plates the designs in its folder make it best in the market. The thickness of laminate is even more what they claim. We haven’t received any complain regarding the product. It is so flexible that we can make its role even smaller. Its textures are equivalent to 1mm laminate range, so we call it premium range in 0.8mm. With combination of digital its attraction has increased, as no other has brought this innovation in laminate. The company is supportive in all aspects. Secondly, there is no variation in colours and shades even in discontinuation of orders. Its premium gloss is excellent that does not get scratches. We are getting better marketing support also from the company side so the sales are increasing. We are looking or improvement in supply chain with starting local trains and with that our sales will increase many folds.”


  • “The Ogaan catalogue is super in all at this price range. Its quality, textures and designs are at par 1mm laminate range. The laminate thickness is perfect with lot of high gloss range in the folder. Its textures are better than other folders. After including digital laminates its demand is increasing. We get associated with them six months before and observing that the company support is best as Mr Gaurav Salhotra himself co-ordinate with us and take interest shorting out our problems. After lockdown we are getting its better demand and have reached to previous sales level.”


  • “This is not 0.8 mm laminate we can call it 0.8+mm laminate. Its quality and textures are improved from others in this range so this is selling more. The entire premium shades has been included in 0.8mm which is basically found in other folder in higher thickness. The company focus is futuristic so that the customers when ever want to buy laminate Ogaan comes at first priority, because its quality and shades are better and the after sales service is excellent. Their folder is away from the crowd as one cannot find its shaded in other’s folder. By including digital and premium range of colours and designs different from others is another plus point.”