What makes the house a home?

A home inhabits far more than pieces of lumber secured together; inside should endure a sense of comfort. Upon walking from a door to sitting on the couch; everything combines a special feeling of beauty and trust. Ogaan made a home that is different from a house because it is filled with companions that share values and strength along with unity and relationship. The uplifting presence found in a home can solely be explained as pure bliss with laminates from Ogaan.

Few things about the driving force called ‘Laminates’

Laminates are artificially produced material from paper and resins. They are quite popularly known as sun mica. Such decorative laminates are fixed on substrate, mainly plywood to get attractive surfaces that have multiple uses these days. Laminates are a preferred choice because of various factors such as price consideration, high/low ambient temperature resistant, durability, scratch-resistant and usually, retain their look for years. Laminates are also easier to maintain.

Laminates that are available in the market today have various designs that are made by printing patterns on paper and that is how decorative laminates are made, therefore a wide variety is available for one to choose from. Giving an elegant touch to all desired objects, laminates are available in numerous design patterns, colours, and textures.

Since laminates are so easily available and in such a wide range there is minimum wastage too!

Let us take a look at how laminates can be used effectively to style your home.

On Your furniture

Laminates are commonly used to make furniture pieces such as beds, sofa, stools, tables, etc. As mentioned earlier laminates remain a popular choice due to its end no. of qualities.


Wall shelves in bathrooms, rooms, kitchen, and bookshelves are other common application areas for a laminate.

Modular cabinets

These days’ kitchen cabinets have plywood topped up with decorative laminates for a better appeal and durability.

Wall Decor

Highlighting a wall is the budding trend in home interiors today. Decorative Wall panel is one of the nicest ways to highlight the wall. Highlighting a wall in a room immediately draws focus towards it.

Let’s say you sitting in simple home interiors with plain colour on walls. Where is your attention usually drawn to? Windows or say balcony or say TV if it’s on. Boring, right? How about adding some drama to your room-especially the wall? Wall panelling is one of the modern trendy ways to style your walls, thus eventually increasing the beauty of the room. Wall panels are eye magnets; your focus instantly shifts to it. Wall panelling is a design wall usually created with plywood or MDF sheet that is directly installed on walls. These panels are often dressed with paper, decorative laminates, textured surfaces or fabric as per home owner’s choice and home interiors with a wide range of colour, finish, and design. To highlight this wall, spotlights, indirect lights, etc. are used. To add to wall drama, 2-3 niches could be created to display antique or expensive items.

Renovating every interior at its best!

If you are planning to renovate the interiors in your home, and thinking of having laminated furniture, you have a wide variety to choose from. Decorative Laminates such as Ogaan laminates are available in a vast range of solid colours, design patterns as well as different textures.

For the latest designs on Vibrant and Gloss Decorative Laminates,  check out the Ogaan E-Catalogue Folder on 0.8mm Laminates on our website.

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