OGAAN LAMINATES has recently launched its new folder contains nearly 250 colours and textures. This folder has received overwhelming response from market, and has helped the company to revive their production immediately after start of unlocking process in the country. The company has achieved its more than 50 percent production capacity and gradually reported to increase demand with new repeat orders.

Ogaan laminates from Amba Laminate group, who is having a long journey of 25 years in plywood manufacturing in India. After successful opening of Ogaan Laminates, the company has installed second press within one and half year and achieved the production capacity of 2.25 lakh sheets per month. After the entry of OGAAN LAMINATES they witnessed the demand for economic range of product, and introduced FACELAM in 0.75 mm. Using vibrant colours and finishes, the company offer laminates with a complete makeover like never before. Mr. Gaurav Salhotra, CEO of Ogaan Laminates spoke to the Ply Reporter about the good response received for this new folder, which has been helping them to make a comeback after difficult time of Covid lockdown phase.




Ogaan Laminates has installed digital printing machine for its paper production and introduced 12 designs in its digital range. We also offer customization for bulk requirement from the customers. The digital laminate in 0.8 mm thickness is of high quality designs and can cater premium segment also with economical price range. Focusing on new range and giving new concept in laminate, we introduced 0.8 mm digital laminates by including its designs in the same folder of OGAAN LAMINATES. It was first introduced to the market by OGAAN. In this folder 252 shades are there which are selected from premium grade like ‘Dry Veneer’ and ‘Horizontal’ that can cater premium segment of customers with economic price range. Besides, we also introduced new folder of door skin which is elegant in looks.


OGAAN LAMINATES is working with wide network of 53 distributors across the country with major penetration in across UP, Rajasthan, Assam with other North East region, Bangalore, Chennai etc. Before lockdown they had sales of over 1.5 lakh sheets among them 70,000 in 0.8mm which they are targeting to achieve 1 lakh sheets in a month or two. They were trying to give something different from others and digital is a segment which is helping them to grow their network.

“In laminate sale, its price matters a lot, as in northern market specially in UP and Bihar the demand of 0.72mm is more, and to grab that market we introduced FACELAM in 0.75mm as premier economy range. We are offering different textures and finishes that does not appear perfect in 0.72mm that’s why we are offering 0.75mm as there is a bit difference in price (say 10%) in these two thicknesses. In UP and Bihar, Ogaan observes nearly 25% share of laminate sales. So, at present we are offering two brands that are OGAAN in 0.8mm and FACELAM in 0.75mm. In near future we are planning to come out with 1mm in OGAAN and 0.92mm in FACELAM,” added Mr Gaurav Salhotra.

We do not want to lose market share so we have adopted aggressive selling. We have allowed our senior level staff to visit the dealers and distributors by maintaining safety major and deliver the folder to them. I think it will strengthen our brand presence.




We started production a bit later after opening lockdown but from May 15 we had started dispatches across the country. We have re-activated our 70% markets. For the demand we are getting repeat orders from them as the response is very good and I think after a month or two we are expecting to see boom in demand. We are very hopeful for the growth in demand and I don’t think that there will be a bigger impact of Corona pandemic on our production.

We had launched new folder at Indiawood 2020 in February, we were prepared with ready stock of two lakh sheets to cater the leads generated in exhibition. But, suddenly after the exhibition the lockdown was announced. It became blessing in disguise for us as after passing the lockdown period we started supplies from our ready stock. If we had dispatched it before lockdown our larger share of payment would have been stuck and we had to bear greater trouble running our factory or generate fund for it. The repeat orders supported us to re-stated production with comfortable mindset. We have achieved the production capacity of 1.25 lakh sheets per month running our factory only one press for 24 hours.


The only constraint is that the previous payment has been stuck which are being released with slow pace. In that also the good players are releasing their payment easily and they are asking material according to their sales. We have reduced the payment cycle to 15 to 20 days instead of 45 days so there is no issue and the dealers are selling on the cash, so the payment flow is also getting better now. Secondly, we are sending new folder to them and giving only those who are clearing old dues. So, our payment recovery is good. In this way we have reached to over 50% sales in June month.


We are focusing on aggressive sales and supply maintaining ample stock. Also having collaborative approach for logistic services with the group companies, we are efficiently sending even small quantity of orders very quickly. Recently we have started a depot in Ghaziabad which will help us efficient customers service. After its successful operation we will open more depots in different regions.

We do not want to lose market share so we have adopted aggressive selling. We have allowed our senior level staff to visit the dealers and distributors by maintaining safety major and deliver the folder to them. I think it will strengthen our brand presence. Further, we have started working on launching liner grade in PVC laminate in a month or two with OGAAN LAMINATES and gradually will be launching folder for 1mm and PVC laminate by the end of this year under the banner of OGAAN.




My message to dealers, distributors is to focus on sales as there are crowd in the market and demand is also generating from them. My personal opinion is that whether the sale comes low but whatever they do must be done in cash. It is known that when the market is getting better people start giving credit but this is different time of critical situation, so we have to move carefully. This is a very good time for all dealers and distributors that they can use this spare time to make them smarter and apply the smart working model blend with digital support and software uses for stock management, sales and keeping track on payment recovery that will reduce their inventory as well as keep track on losses and damages of material.