Many people spend thousands of rupees to maintain, renovate, redesign, and completely replace the old damaged door just to create a first good impression for first-timers as it is well said, “The first impression is the last impression”. To have classy, yet durable doors, the best one-time solution is to apply skin laminates. Ogaan offers you a wide range of door skin laminates that can fulfil your style requirements viz., different styles, patterns, materials with various colour options. Also, you can develop your own customized door. The best part of skin door laminates are, they are highly durable, stylish and environment-friendly. Apart from that, you can also opt for commercial door repair to get a profession and appealing look of your doors.

Here are the top rules for applying door skin laminates for a great aesthetic look:

Door Skin Laminates that synchronises with the rest:

This is the most important part while selecting door skin laminate as it needs to synchronise with the rest of your indoor, outdoor furniture, and wall. Usually door skin laminates come with various colours and patterns, so you need to avoid bold colours to give the entire place a cool look. Moreover, as per your the requirement, you can pick multiple styles, colour and patterns.

What to Choose, Matt finish or High Gloss?

It is highly advisable to matt finish door skins rather than glossy ones as high gloss laminates fingerprints, dirt and scratches highly visible. It is not in the case of matt finish and hence is the best option.

Your doors get durability and life it needs:

With door skin laminates, give your door a proper panel for life and durability it needs. Apart from that, door skin laminates are proved to be of high quality to give a breath-taking look.

Do not require high maintenance:

Door skin laminates do not require high maintenance but it requires timely polishing and cleaning. Note: Make sure not to use acidic items and cleaners as it reduces the longevity of the laminates. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals as it reduces the shine and colour patterns of the laminates. Avoid touch of either too hot or too cold objects on the surface of the laminate. You can either use a mild detergent or damp cloth for cleaning purpose.

Handles – The most important part of the doors:

Handles are a very important part of your doors, so you need to make sure fittings are done before applying the door skin laminates. With this, you can avoid damage to the laminates and improve its life and durability. Handles are available in numerous attractive styles, you can opt any.

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