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Welcome to our exclusive laminate collection, where artistry meets practicality, offering a stunning array of surfaces that elevate your spaces to new levels of beauty and functionality Immerse yourself in the versatility of our collection, which showcases a diverse range of designs, patterns, and textures. From classic wood grains to contemporary abstracts, our laminates cater to every design vision and style Crafted with precision and attention to detail, each laminate in our collection exudes an unmatched allure. The smooth finishes, authentic textures, and nich colors capture the essence of natural materials, creating an ambiance that reflects elegance and authenticity.

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Ogaan Decorative Laminates Features:

The decorative laminates by Ogaan can be used for any kind of paneling i.e. wall, doors, kitchen, wardrobe, etc. It can also be used for surfacing i.e. table tops, kitchen counter tops, work stations, and any kind of furniture, viz., bed, sofa set, wall unit, show rack.

Ogaan 0.88mm Decorative Laminates are widely applicable

With advancement in technology, design and material, decorative laminates allow far more finish possibilities and decor than ever. Ogaan 0.88mm Laminates are widely popular in commercial spaces like offices, malls, etc., and home spaces. Apart from that decorative laminates holds certain special features like; anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Product Features:


Wall paneling–The modern decor trend:

Wall laminates or wall paneling is the modern decor trend where patterned or textured decorative laminates can be applied on walls. It’s time to give your room a vintage feel with a modern and interesting look.

Top up Kitchen Cabinets with Decorative Laminates

For a better look and durability and to give your kitchen an appealing and aesthetic look, Kitchen cabinets can be topped up with latest decorative laminates.


Decorative laminates are strong wear resistant, so can be applied in wall shelves in bathroom and kitchen. Apart from that, it can also be applied on bedroom and living room.


Decorative laminates freedom and functionality. You can give a great finishing look to your beds, chairs, doors, sofas, tables, etc.