1 MM Laminate

Z+Series (1mm)

Ogaan Laminates introduces the Exclusive Z +Series Luxury 1 mm collection. Ogaan Z+Series textures look like actual veneer since Most of the textures are made from Zero finish plates. Zero finish technology is the latest development in laminates. That is the world's only and most precise technology to give laminates a natural, authentic, and genuine touch and look like wood veneer. This Z+Series holds a great advantage over conventional as it is pocket-friendly, highly decorative, easy maintenance, great choice of designs, and highly resistant to microbial growth. Ogaan Laminates brings you the finest and most adored Z + Series collection from the heart of Europe.

Zing (1mm)

Ogaan is a Reputable Brand in the laminate industry, Renowned for its exceptional designs and customer-focused approach. Our Laminates are expertly crafted with trendy colors that meet our clients' specific requirements and high expectations. We offer the finest products by paying attention to detail during the manufacturing process and utilizing state-of-the-art machinery. Our dedication to exceptional quality continues to drive us , as we strive to set new standards of excellence within the Laminate World.

1MM Laminates can be classified into various types based on the following:

  • Based on Manufacturing Process
  • Based on Usage
  • Based on Surface Finish
  • Based on Advanced Properties
  • Based on Built

Product Features:


Wall paneling–The modern decor trend:

Wall laminates or wall paneling is the modern decor trend where patterned or textured decorative laminates can be applied on walls. It’s time to give your room a vintage feel with a modern and interesting look.

Top up Kitchen Cabinets with Decorative Laminates

For a better look and durability and to give your kitchen an appealing and aesthetic look, Kitchen cabinets can be topped up with latest decorative laminates.


Decorative laminates are strong wear resistant, so can be applied in wall shelves in bathroom and kitchen. Apart from that, it can also be applied on bedroom and living room.


Decorative laminates freedom and functionality. You can give a great finishing look to your beds, chairs, doors, sofas, tables, etc.