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The date was 14th January, and the year was 2018 when Amba Group, known for serving quality panel products to the trade since 1991, took a leap towards greater excellence by starting Ogaan Laminates as a new venture with much exuberance and optimism.
Six years later, the same Ogaan Laminates has today, become a pan India company with 70+ distributors, 10000+ dealers, and 1 Lakh square feet of space where it produces 2 Lakh laminates every month.
Headed by Mr. Pravin Salhotra- Chairman of Ogaan Laminates, and Mr. Gaurav Salhotra- Director of Ogaan Laminates, along with Mrs. Chetna Salhotra as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the company has carved a niche for itself in the Indian market for its on-time delivery and maintaining high standards in terms of safety, efficiency & quality of the products that lets every home rediscover its aesthetic essence.
Along with professional excellence, Ogaan Laminates has also gone the extra mile to fulfil its CSR duties by adopting multiple initiatives to prevent environmental degradation. These include adequate control practices, disposal practices of waste generated from industry, and requisite precautions during the use of harsh chemicals.

The People Behind Ogaan

Mr. Gaurav Salhotraa

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Vishal Chauhan Ogaan

Mrs. Chetna Salhotra

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Transforming every house to a home Ogaan’s vision is to become one of the best interior solution provider companies; providing the world’s most reliable products in decorative industries. Our endeavor is to be the leader in client satisfaction, innovation to bring out the best what our customers inspire and desire for through integrity and commitment to the environment.

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“By the work, one knows the workmen”, is the perfect saying to match the world of Ogaan Laminates.

Greetings and welcome to the most innovative approach to the best of wood and human ingenuity. Ogaan Laminates, the renowned name in the premium wood industry has been carrying forward its legacy since its inception year. Ogaan Laminates are extremely privileged to lead the industrial competencies head high, which is an undisputed pioneer in the arena of wooden world blending creativity with the trend. With a varied collection of premium wood species, Ogaan is on the run to deliver the best out of everything.

Ogaan delivers the finest form of laminates and plywood giving a flawless finish to every space, which is sourced naturally from the best woods worldwide. With the brilliance in design and elegance, Ogaan Laminates comes from the vigilant selection of craftsmen to curate the most durable, stable and low maintenance form of wood for the warmest looking interiors. It has gone to outreach innumerable number of best designs from all over the world enriching the quality lifestyle. With the spectacular start in the field of wooden creations, Ogaan has a long way to head towards the best in industry, nevertheless with a good certainty; the dynamic teamwork will pay to its best in the ever-evolving market of creations and creativity.

With a strong mission to meet every customer’s request, Ogaan Laminate stands to be the best in effectively offering the best in solutions with the desired decorative veneer panels. Ogaan is the One-Stop-Shop-Solution to the Laminate and Ply world.

We are devoted in long term business sustainability and continuity, justifying by our responsible manufacturing practices .

Mr. Praveen Salhotra

“Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”, is the motto that inspires everyone at Ogaan Laminates.

A warm welcome to the world of Ogaan Laminates, an esteemed organisation that has managed to achieve a very recognised position as an industry leader. Ogaan has come a long way in combining wide experience and industrial efforts. We are totally committed in enhancing the quality of life we serve. I feel delighted to announce that we successfully enhanced our product with existing customers and looking forward for a robust bond with our upcoming customers.

Our product comprises the whole range of plywood and laminates that are crafted as per the latest scenario. We consistently focus on the quality of raw material and the final products that are crafted to meet the highest standard of performance. We make sure to ensure products and services to meet agreed customer requirements. Moreover, we make considerable efforts to keep-up and maintain the quality of all our products.

Last but not the least, we follow the constant motto of fulfilling our fellow customer’s needs at the utmost dedication and assurance. We are committed to give the best quality product which could be evergreen and long lasting aesthetically.

With innovative modes, we are strictly committed in maintaining the value addition we do, and also the uniqueness of our products.

Gaurav Salhotra



General Manager
Vishal Chauhan Ogaan


Inventory Department

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